Miniature wallet size Diplomas, presentation folders

Miniature Diploma

A Keepsake Forever...

mini diploma graduation gift
Actual Size 2.328" x 3.25"
Miniature Diploma, a Keepsake Forever

Honor each graduate in your community with a mini diploma, a laminated wallet size diploma that will become a treasured keepsake forever.

Each miniature diploma is a replica of the official school diploma, personalized with the graduate's name, and laminated for durability. Since the graduating Class of '89, we have produced mini diplomas for banks, insurance companies, and savings & loans, who use them as graduation gifts to seniors in their local communities. Each mini-diploma can have a logo and congratulatory message on the back. Elegant presentation folders are also available to make this gift even more memorable.

Make plans now for the graduating Class of 2021. There are no setup charges, so include even the smallest schools. Don't leave anyone out!

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