Miniature Diplomas and Presentation Folders

Miniature Diplomas

Actual Size 2.328" x 3.25"
Front of Mini Diploma, a wallet size replica of the actual diploma
Customized Mini Diploma Back
Customized Mini Diploma Back where the sponsor's congratulatory message is displayed

A miniature diploma is a keepsake that graduates treasure forever. Accent Merchandising Company produces wallet size diplomas for community-minded banks, insurance companies, savings & loans, or other companies like yours, who present this memorable gift to graduating seniors, your future customers. Your congratulatory message on the back of the mini diploma also serves as a promotional message.

Each miniature diploma is a wallet-sized replica of the official school diploma, customized with the graduate's name. Mini diplomas are printed on white paper, using touches of color for diplomas with colored crests or seals. A sturdy 7 mil laminate is used to seal and preserve each mini-diploma.

The message on the back of the mini diploma is customized for your company. You may choose from one of our standard designs, or we will use your ideas for a new design. You may choose to include your color logo and information about your company, or simply an informal congratulatory message.

Presentation Folders

Presentation Folder reading Congratulations Graduate Inside of Presentation Folder where miniature diploma is mounted
The perfect complement to a mini-diploma, our presentation folder is designed especially as an elegant way to present the wallet size diploma to the graduate. Presentation folders are made of premium quality card stock, similar to a formal invitation.

Each folder is die-cut, for mounting of the mini diploma. A protective tissue is included. Our standard presentation folder includes the messages "Congratulations Graduate!" on the outside. On the inside is the message: "Please accept this miniature replica of your diploma as our gift to you. Best wishes in all your endeavors!" Presentation folders may also be custom-printed, to include your company's name and special message.

A blank envelope is included with each presentation folder. The envelope, too, may be custom-printed with the company's return address.

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